Winter Wedding Theme

The winter is the most magical time of the year so, it is no wonder that a lot of young couples choose this season for their wedding. Furthermore, if you want a really magical wedding, you can try to integrate winter in all of the elements of your wedding. A winter wedding theme is far from being cheap. The location and the decorations are the most expensive. Today, we will give you some ideas for this wedding theme. You will be surprised to discover that some elements of the wedding theme can be quite affordable.

Winter Wedding Theme 1

The location

A winter wedding mus,t of course, take place indoors. In order to create a magical winter wonderland, the background of the wedding reception venue needs to be all white, featuring blue lights. Ideally, some chandeliers with long crystal beads would make any venue look like a wonderland. However, if your budget is limited, you can work with an all-white location, Christmas lights and white balloons.

Centerpieces and decorations

The cheapest and most spectacular idea regarding the winter wedding theme decorations are frosted branches. In order to create the illusion of frost, you must take some branches, brush them with some glue and then dip them in ground salt. You can place these frosted branches in vases and use them as centerpieces. You can also hang some strings of crystals in the branches in order to make the centerpieces look more glamorous, or you can complement the frosted branches with white rose bouquets.

Wedding favors

In order for the winter wedding theme to be authentic, all wedding elements must be related to winter, even the wedding favors. Winter goodies are a great idea for favors and they are also very cheap. All you need are some mini mason jars. You can fill the jars with hot cocoa ingredients or mini apple pies.

The bridal look

Since most wedding dresses are white, you might think that you don’t have to worry about the bridal look fitting into the wedding theme. However, if you put some thought into it, you can look truly spectacular. For example, you can choose a Snow White look with a simple hairstyle, perfect porcelain skin makeup and an intense red lipstick. As far as the wedding bouquet goes, you can choose white flowers such as lily of the valley or white roses. However, you could be creative and choose a more original bouquet made of glittered pine cones.