Wedding Table Decorations for Creative Brides

Creating the perfect ambiance for your wedding day is essential if you want your guests to have fun and enjoy a nice time. Therefore, your wedding location must be enhanced with fabulous decorations that can allow anyone to see how creative you can be. Although many brides prefer to let others take care of these aspects, we advise you to implicate yourself in these activities, and enjoy all the wedding preparations. After all, you won’t get the chance to plan your perfect day again, and maybe you will be disappointed when things won’t turn out as you would have wanted them.

Table decorations for a romantic wedding theme

When it comes to celebrating the love that brought you and your fiance together, roses are the best flowers you can choose to highlight the passion that you carry for each other. Therefore, you can use one of the best centerpiece ideas that involves filling a glass with a single red rose and a floating candle, and placing it on the surface of a mirror. Adding some rose petals and beads on top of the mirror will create a great effect and it will make your tables look even more beautiful.

Wedding Table Decorations for Creative Brides 1

Vintage centerpieces

The easiest way to add a vintage vibe to your wedding is by using proper table decorations. Therefore, we suggest you to opt for some simple arrangements which don’t involve spending too much money, but which can enhance your tables in a great way. Use a handful of clear vases, each filled with a different type of flower. Vintage glass bottles would be a great idea, especially if they come in different sizes.

Seasonal decorations

If you chose to get married in the autumn, you can opt for one of the simplest ideas for wedding arrangements. All you have to do is use pomegranates as an alternative to the classic floral centerpieces. You must simply cut the branches in a way that can allow their fruits to rest on the vase’s edge. Furthermore, you can group vases of different size to create a great visual impact.

Edible centerpieces

Your guests will really appreciate your thoughtfulness if you decide to use fruits in order to create some delicious table decorations. Mixing fruits like grapes, apples, strawberries, bananas and cherries in a large face plate will help you achieve some of the most appreciated wedding centerpieces. So, focus on what would make your friends and family more happy instead of spending money on expensive arrangements.