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Wedding Nail Design Ideas

The wedding day is important in every aspect, especially the way you look as a bride. Since your hands will be constantly in sight, you have to make sure you have a perfect manicure. A lot of brides go with a classic manicure, but there are numerous nail designs that can be worn on the wedding day. On we found some amazing nail art ideas. We made a list of the best designs which we completed with out own ideas. So whether or not you plan on doing your wedding manicure by yourself, you will definitely find the following ideas to be very inspiring.

French manicure

Wedding Nail Design Ideas 1

French manicure is the most common wedding manicure and most brides choose the pure white french manicure for their wedding day. If you are not a fan of white french manicure and you want to add a little personality to your nails, you can opt for a strong color instead of the white nail polish, or choose a reversed french manicure.

Little hearts

Wedding Nail Design Ideas 2

The heart is the symbol of love, and the wedding day is filled with love and emotions, so you can choose to paint hearts on your nails. Whether you opt for red hearts or colored nails with colorless hearts in the middle, you will emanate love through all your nails.

“I do” message

Wedding Nail Design Ideas 3

For a nonconformist bride, a funny message on her nails will be a great wedding detail. Choose any nail polish color you like and write “I do” on your ring finger. This way your husband will read your answer the moment he will put the wedding ring on your finger. Just imagine his surprise and excitement and how pretty that picture will look.

Shimmery pearls

Wedding Nail Design Ideas 4

Pearls are the symbol of feminism, elegance and delicacy and many brides choose to wear them on their wedding day. If you want to wear pearls, but not around your neck, you can choose a manicure with pearls inserted or a nail polish in a shimmery shade of pearl.

Beautiful flowers

Wedding Nail Design Ideas 5

The flowers will be present everywhere on your wedding day, from your bouquet to the table arrangements and in the church, so why not bring them on your nails as well? Paint roses, lilies, daisies or any other flower you like or any flower you have in your bride bouquet to match your entire outfit.


Wedding Nail Design Ideas 6

The lase is very delicate and precious, just perfect for your special wedding day. Ask your nail technician to paint a delicate layer of lace on your nails or even put natural pieces of lace on your nails then apply a strong layer of nail gel to secure the lace into place. You can even opt for the same model of lace you have on your wedding gown.


Wedding Nail Design Ideas 7

On your wedding day, you can wear everything, as long as you maintain a stylish aspect. If you do not want to wear any jewelry adorned with gemstones or crystals, you can opt for a manicure with crystals apply on the tip of your nail or at the bottom. A beautiful colored gemstone resembling the one on your engagement ring will complete the picture.

Metallic accents

Wedding Nail Design Ideas 8

On your wedding day, you can opt for a metallic nail polish in the same shade as your wedding ring, namely silver or gold. This way you will have matching manicure and wedding jewelry that will look great in pictures.