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Wedding Makeup Tips

While most brides appeal to experts to ensure a perfect look for this special day, there are also women who want to do everything on their own, thus adding a touch of creativity and personality in their appearance. If you belong to the second category of brides, you will surely like these wedding makeup tips.

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The makeup style that you will ultimately choose depends on your preferences, but there are also other factors to be taken into account:


Before using any foundation or powder, clean the skin with a gentle cleansing lotion, followed by a tonic lotion. Choosing foundation is an important step, both in terms of texture and the shade. Don’t choose a foundation that is lighter or darker than your skin.

Use translucent powder to prevent any trace of unwanted shine. The powder is applied to the entire face. You can also apply a bronzing powder to warm up your skin tone. Use it on your forehead, nose and cheeks so you have that sun kissed glow. Don’t forget to apply a bit of bronzing powder on the neck, cleavage and shoulders to create a balance between the skin and the rest of the skin.

When it comes to covering dark circles or bags around the eyes, a concealer in a lighter shade than your natural skin will do wonders in hiding skin imperfections.


Continue with eye makeup (applying primer, eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara and false eyelashes). For your wedding day, you should opt for a soft natural makeup. Use an eyebrow pencil in a shade slightly darker than your hair and avoid very dark colors.

As for eyelashes, avoid wearing too much mascara or false lashes. Instead choose a more natural alternative, such as an eyelash growth serum. This will not only help your lashes become stronger and longer, but will also make your lashes appear fuller and thicker. However, keep in mind that a serum must be used for a while before the wedding day. The results will show after two-three weeks of using an eyelash growth serum daily. If you are wondering what is the best eyelash growth serum, read some reviews from customers who have already used this types of products. When looking for the best product, look for natural ingredients and avoid products with potential side effects. If you want to have a gorgeous gaze on your wedding day, it is essential to know what is the best eyelash growth serum.


In trend there are vibrant shades of lipstick, especially red burgundy, even in bridal makeup. International designers have proposed dramatic makeup looks, very intense, but in the same time classy and retro, with many shades of red. However, do not wear these shades of lipstick unless you have very white teeth, especially considering the impeccable white wedding dress.

Contour your lips with a pencil in the shades of your lipstick to create a pleasant appearance.

Choose a lipstick based on your skin tones. If the eye makeup will be stronger choose a natural lipstick; if you have a soft eye makeup look highlight your features with a bright lipstick.