Vintage Wedding Theme

All weddings should be as romantic as possible, so if you want to highlight the love that you and your fiance carry to each other, we recommend you to opt for a vintage wedding theme. All you have to do is choose your wedding decorations wisely, and try to make your appearance match the wedding decor. Furthermore, we advise you to opt for some vintage photos as well, because they can add a charming touch to your wedding album. You don’t have to worry about not having any creative ideas to plan the most important day of your life, because we can offer you some effective advice that will help you feel very precious and special when your big day comes.

Vintage wedding decorations

It’s time to replace the classic center pieces that most of the brides use to decorate their tables with some nice vintage bird cages that you can ornate with flowers. Imagine what a nice vibe they would add to your wedding location! Another great idea that will help you highlight your wedding theme involves decorating your candy bar with strings of beads, brooches and other sparkling vintage adornments. Furthermore, you can integrate your guest lists into a nice board that you can place at the entrance of the restaurant, so that your guests can find their names and search for their tables easily. Placing a candelabrum on each side of the board will help you add a vintage touch to the spot.

Vintage Wedding Theme 1

Old Hollywood appearance

If you want to achieve a vintage look for your special day, we recommend you to pay attention to the way you style your hair, and to the veil that you are going to wear. Your wedding dress and your bridal bouquet are also very important, we you must focus on them as well. When it comes to finding the perfect wedding hairstyle, we recommend you to opt between vintage updos and cascading finger waves. Both of these styles can be enhanced with a short bridal veil, but if you want to create a gorgeous image for your wedding day, we advise you to use a fabulous red lipstick. That way, you will be able to surprise everyone with an old Hollywood appearance and a sophisticated image.

Vintage bridal bouquet

A bridal bouquet can have a nice impact on your image, especially if you match the color of your flowers with the color of your lipstick. So, if you are wearing a red lipstick, choosing to add red roses to your wedding bouquet is the best thing you can do. Furthermore, that will add a harmonious touch to your outfit, and it will help you create a balanced bridal image.