Summer Wedding Theme

Choosing a summer wedding theme gives you the possibility to make many fun choices for your wedding. Depending on your preferences, you can have your wedding on a beach, or you can decide to get married next to a pool. That way you can plan a spectacular day, because you can be confident that your guests will dare to go for a swim, which means that everybody will end up having fun, and that is what matters the most. Usually, weddings that are very formal force people to act too strict, and they prevent them from feeling relaxed and having a good time. So, if you want to celebrate the love that you and your fiance carry for each other in a great way, we advise you to opt for a wedding theme that can allow you to have the time of your life.

Making a great wedding exit

You can choose between many alternatives in order to make your wedding exit memorable. However, based on the fact that you have decided on a summer wedding theme, we suggest you to opt for releasing real live butterflies when the big moment comes. That will add a colorful touch to the ambiance, and you can be confident that it will enhance your big exit. A bubbly send-off is also a great idea when it comes to adding a cheerful vibe to your wedding exit, so you can use this idea instead of asking your guests to throw rice or confetti.

Summer Wedding Theme 1

Organizing your wedding at a local pool

Imagine how glamorous your wedding party will be if you decide to organize it at your local pool. You can create a very romantic setting by placing floating candles on water and by using flowers as decorative elements. Serving watermelon drinks and choosing to have a fruit table instead of a candy bar can be a great idea if you want to offer some summer foods to your guests. Fresh beverages and nice cocktails can make your wedding look very sophisticated, so you can be confident that your friends and family will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Summer wedding favors

We advise you to offer your friends practical wedding favors, so forget about investing money in expensive decorations that will only gather dust in your guests’ homes. If you want to match your wedding favors to your wedding theme, we recommend you to opt for fans with a nice floral design. That will help everyone stay cool and comfortable throughout the entire day. However, there are other ways of surprising your beloved ones, as you can offer them small jars of jam or honey to thank them for supporting you on your special day.