Wedding Planning Tips

Step-by-Step Instructions for Planning a Wedding

All women dream about their perfect wedding and until they find the perfect man, some women even make imaginary wedding plans. A wedding is not only a celebration of a couple’s love, but rather a confirmation of eternal love. Planning a wedding makes women feel like princesses, and it allows them to visualize their lives like a fairy tales. However, there is a big difference between dreams and reality, and the truth is that planning a wedding can actually be a nightmare. However, if you can learn to be organized, you can manage to plan a wedding without turning into Bridezilla. Stay with us, as we are about to guide you through the whole wedding process.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Planning a Wedding 2

Set the date

This is the first step on your wedding checklist. Once you have set an exact date, a lot of other wedding planing details will fall into place. For example, the season in which the wedding will take place can play an important part into the wedding theme. Furthermore, the further away that date is, the more options you will have regarding the location, the band and much more.

Get organized

Once you have set the date, it is time to design the wedding checklist. The old fashion checklist consists of an agenda where you must write down all your wedding planning details. Whether you choose an agenda or an online wedding checklist, make sure it includes all the wedding details, even the small ones such as the wedding favors. The checklist should be divided into several major time frames.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Planning a Wedding 3

One year before the big date

Within this time frame, you must reserve a wedding venue, decide on an estimate budget, start working on the guest list (even if you won’t know for sure who will be attending, you will need an estimate number in order to know how big the reception venue should be), book an officiant, throw an engagement party and star researching various service providers such as florists, catering companies and so on. If you decide to hire a wedding planner, now would be the time to do it. Hiring a planner is very convenient as they will not only save you a lot of running around town, but they also have good relationships with service and product providers and can get you discounts and special offers.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Planning a Wedding 4

6-8 months before the wedding

Around this time, you must consolidate your arrangements with photographers, entertainers, caterers, florists and so on. Make sure to sign contracts and keep the advance receipts. Ideally, around this time, you should also buy the wedding dress, purchase the invitations, send save-the-date cards,  and start making honeymoon plans. For the honeymoon, do a thorough research on a good travel website such as Consider the type of attractions that both you and your future husband would like to visit and than choose a location which would satisfy both of you. Consider the fact that the honeymoon is quite an investment and it is very unlikely to spend the whole time in a hotel room. As such, since you will be spending so much money on it, you might as well got somewhere where you always wanted to go.

3 moths before the special day

By now, all your big arrangements should be done, and you should start focusing on the wedding program. Draw a time schedule where you will write down all the wedding day events. Around this time, you should also book rehearsal dinner venues, send the wedding invitations, decide on a cake, go to dress fitting sessions, schedule hairstylists and makeup artists, make a wedding playlist, finalize the menu,   order the wedding favors and buy your wedding shoes.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Planning a Wedding 1

1 month before the wedding

As we mentioned above, your wedding folder or online wedding checklist, should contain all the important wedding information, even the contact information of you wedding service providers. These being said, a month before the wedding, you should contact your providers again in order to make sure that everything is going according to plan and that they have all the necessary information for delivering their products and services. The final preparations should also include printing wedding menu cards, having a more detailed conversation with your photographer (discuss specific shots, location for trash the dress session and so on). This would also be the best time to have the bachelorette party, count your RSVPs, get your marriage license, go to your last dress fitting session, design the seating chart, write the wedding vows and so on.

As you can see, the month before the wedding is the busiest one. However, if you stick to your wedding checklist and the related timetable, you might just manage to plan your wedding without going completely crazy. Furthermore, don’t stress yourself to much and try to enjoy the wedding for what it is: a celebration of love.